J for June had begun, the clock struck midnight

Just sprinkle some water on her face,” Daphne suggested as everyone tried to help Beth regain consciousness.

Just like that, Beth’s world had turned topsy turvy.

Just like that, her little daughter who had just started developing interest in superheroes was probably one herself.
Just like that, her separation from her husband, her break ups, her troubled childhood… everything felt so much better than the situation she was currently in.

Just four years old, Grace is just four years old! What does she understand? How can she face all this superpower stuff. She is a little child, how do I protect her?” Beth could not stop crying and worrying as she regained consciousness.

Juggling with all possible solutions, Beth got an idea, “Holly, you had said that you can travel into people’s memories and change a decision they made in the past, right? Please travel back in my head to the time I decided to take that solo trip to Europe and make me not do that. That way everything will change – I won’t go to that restaurant, I won’t hear The Voice, I won’t take that turbulent plane… I would be out of all this and Grace would be safe!”

Jittering until a few moments ago, Beth looked at Holly with hope until she was explained that changing everything in the past also meant that she never met her ex-husband, never married him and never gave birth to a child – it meant that Grace never existed.

Jesus knows that I would do anything to reverse all this, I can’t imagine a child in this terrible situation. But since your child was born after you got the superpowers, I don’t know what to do,” Holly felt bad that she could not be of help.

Just then, a devastated Beth sensed something move outside her window, like a transparent elongated bubble that made everything behind it look blurry.

Joining her shocked stance were all the others, except Daphne, who kept staring at the window.

June had begun as the clock struck midnight.

The story continues tomorrow in the next post. Did you notice that I managed to start each sentence of this chapter of the story with J, it was my toughest post until now(I have managed to do the same from B to I posts)! This is my tenth post for this year’s A to Z Challenge (#atozchallenge). Head to my previous posts to read the entire story.

I’ll be posting daily except Sundays all through the month. Stay tuned. Read all my posts for the challenge in the A to Z links below:
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16 thoughts on “J for June had begun, the clock struck midnight”

  1. My heart goes out to Beth and Grace .
    Please Anu🙏keep them safe
    I m just getting sensitive 🥺 with this Mom & daughter duo 😧
    Being a super hero is not all fun I’ve come to know 👍👍👍

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  2. Make sure you expand this into a full blown book, give Grace her own set of super powers in a sequel and then make it into a whole children’s series. And remember to mention us as your supportive friends! 🙂 Oh I am thinking animation studios too! Go for it, Anu!

    Here’s my post for J:
    Jurassic Park

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  3. So glad you cracked the ‘J’ nut! You’ve definitely got a knack for suspense👍 … I’m waiting to read more.


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