L for Less words, more work

Literally, each of the five people with superpowers in the room felt a tingling sensation in their right arm, but this time it wasn’t painful. 

Lights in Beth’s house suddenly dimmed except the one at the dining table where they all gathered. 

Leading the group was The Voice that reminded Dev of his favourite childhood movie Mr. India in which the protagonist could decide to become invisible and only his voice could be heard. 

Let us know everything about you first, who or what exactly are you and why do you keep disappearing?,” Dev had had enough instructions from The Voice over the past few years and he thought with his new team’s support he could finally persuade it to tell them everything. 

Less words and more work would get us somewhere child. I will tell you about myself when the time is right,” there was no way The Voice took instructions from the youngsters. 

Lurking around was The Command, the evil force that everyone had just sensed, so listening to The Voice made more sense. 

Luckily for Beth, The Voice began with clarifying certain things: Some hereditary traits can skip a generation and neither of the two powers could affect a child below seven years of age. 

Little Grace was just four years old but Keith was going to turn seven in three months; Beth looked worried as The Voice had mentioned him. 

Let me help you explore the full potential of your powers, especially Beth, since I haven’t trained her yet. Tomorrow, I will tell you where to come and we shall train every night. We have until September 1 to prepare,” The Voice was very clear with its instructions. 

Letting a voice train her for superpowers which she wasn’t completely aware of yet – Beth wondered if all this was really happening and then something occurred to her. 

Last day of their training was to coincide with Keith’s seventh birthday so she asked The Voice if he too was to get some superpowers, since he was mentioned earlier. 

Long pause ensued after which they heard The Voice say, “The Command intends to have Keith under its control, it is waiting for him to turn seven!”

The story continues tomorrow in the next post. Did you notice that I managed to start each sentence of this chapter of the story with L (I have managed to do the same from B to K posts)! This is my 12th post for this year’s A to Z Challenge (#atozchallenge).
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20 thoughts on “L for Less words, more work”

  1. Sorry Anu😔 I couldn’t wait to know what was coming next, so went ahead and read M,N, O ,P and Q . I am happy Quincy is there to try hard and save her son for whom she has already sold her ownself. 😲

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  2. Oh man, this is a full on teens read, what with Keith going to get controlled by the Command and all. You absolutely got to convert this into a series, with these little tidbits you’re really leaving us hanging in there, waiting for more!

    Here’s my post for K:
    The Kite Runner

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    1. I have been trying to post a comments on your blog but it says that an error has occured. Love your reviews and most of these books look really interesting to me. I will add them to my TBR list! Love Bites… Looking forward to it!

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      1. Make sure you ticked the box about data. The new GDPR updates have some sort of glitch — can’t wait for them to update to the new version!


          1. Just beneath the box where you type your comment, there are small boxes that you can check to save your details for next time, get future comments via email — and one that says that you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. If that last one isn’t checked, you get an error message. Usually it shows that you have to check the box, but since a new update came through, it just shows an error message.


  3. OMG Beth. I am getting goosebumps now. I wonder what the letter M will bring to this story.

    Damn good writing and amazing creativity to start each sentence with the letters of the given day.


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