Y for Yearning for the end of The Command

You need to join The One Minuters now,” The Voice spoke into Beth’s ears.

You both catch up, I need to go out for a while,” Beth told Keith and Quincy.

Yoghurt – mango flavoured, X-Men comics and Ben-Ten stickers, I know you are going out to get those for me, right?,” Keith counted the things Beth had promised to get for him a few weeks ago.

Yes, of course! And the comics were not in the list!” Beth pretended to be normal though she was very worried.

Yet again, all the One Minuters assembled.

You see, Tim seems nervous now so I would need you to visit his memory a little while ago. Just let him decide to take a walk on the beach after passing through the X-amine frame so that he doesn’t hear that the lock was lodged in his duodenum,” A Minute assigned the task to Holly knowing that a worried Tim could be an ideal host for The Command.

Yesterday, I managed to scatter the particles of that key in the geostationary orbit, should I do the same with the lock? But how do I get it out of his system, won’t he bleed?” Beth asked A Minute.

Young woman, we can’t have the lock and the key in the same orbit. You might have to go farther in space and scattering the lock into a thousand pieces means there would require a lot of energy. It’s risky. We need another idea!” A Minute looked at the others.

Yeah, I’ve got one. Dev, could you convert that lock into the tiniest possible water drop and then transform it into water vapour? It’s already noon and quite hot, we can light a fire below the drop and take no chances! What do you say?” Evelyn was glad that she could do more than just making people fall asleep. 

Yes, I can do that. But how to get that lock out from Tim’s body?”

You know, I can gaze at the X mark made on him strongly enough so as to extract it but pulling it out would mean cuts and blood, we don’t have a surgeon amongst us,” Beth was worried about Tim.

You humans think too much. Leave it to me, I’ll heal Tim. Now hurry up with this brilliant plan before Tim feels the pressure to, you know, do the thing you do in the mornings to remove unnecessary things from your digestive system. We don’t want to reach that stage!” A Minute tried to be funny to make the One Minuters feel at ease.

Yuck!” they all uttered in unison after which A Minute stretched a second long enough for the team to complete the task while Evelyn ensured that Tim stayed deep asleep.

Yearning to put an end to The Command, the team gave its hundred percent: Beth gazed at the X mark on Tim’s skin, the lock popped out making a deep cut on his body, Dev focussed and transformed it into the tiniest possible droplet, then raised it high in the air, Holly had ignited a piece of wood to serve as torch that she held right under the droplet before it fell and in to time it transformed into water vapour and disappeared in the air!

Yes, we did it! We did it!” the One Minuters started jumping and hugging with joy until they realised that Tim must be bleeding.

You did it guys!” Tim joined them without any blood or injury mark on his body and they all looked at A Minute!

Young humans, don’t look surprised! What is that saying that you all have? A stitch in time saves nine! What do you think the Time is doing in that proverb! And by the way, it was originally – ’A stitch by time made everything fine’. Long story, I’ll tell you some other day!” A Minute started laughing and so did everyone else.

The story endsfor now! Did you notice that I managed to start each sentence (paragraph in case of long conversations) of this chapter of the story with the letter Y (I have managed to do the same from the B letter post)! This is my 25th post for this year’s A to Z Challenge (#atozchallenge). Head to my previous posts to read the entire story.
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Thank you for reading and encouraging me to write better and often!


12 thoughts on “Y for Yearning for the end of The Command”

  1. Nice ending, Anu! Enjoyed reading the whole story and you’ve done a happy nice warm feeling ending to the story. Well done on the story, each sentence for each post and for the overall A-Z! Congratulations! And do keep blogging!

    Read my A-Z at FictionPies

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    1. Thank you Deepa! I ended up checking WordPress notifications just when you started reading and commenting today. It was I am watching a reader react after every few paragraphs… So satisfying! You made my day! Thank you❤❤❤

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  2. The last scene felt like the superheroes’ fight, how it usually happens in Marvel comics etc. Good thinking by Evelyn and Dev.. so is command destroyed? I feel may be there is one more form of it lurking some where…anyhow great job on a to z…and completing it. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

    All the best
    Congrats on completing a to z. From “The Pensive”

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    1. You got it. Z is about zzzz too. I decided I deserve a treat and finished the story at Y. So that I don’t struggle with Z tomorrow 😆 Will read your posts soon. Thank you so much❤❤❤❤

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