Central Park in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai: Good idea for kids

Central Park Kharghar Timing: 6 am – 9 am and 5 pm – 8 pm

When there was an announcement of opening a Central Park in Navi Mumbai, a little over a decade ago, I was very glad. I didn’t have a kid back then but I knew that when I become a mom it would be a great idea to take my kid there every once in a while. After all, we really have very few open and nature-touch large spaces in Mumbai that we can visit for a day.

Of course, I became a mom after eight years of the launch of Central Park and Covid arrived around the time my kid started walking without the need to hold hands. So, our visit to the huge park for her to play was further delayed. And I don’t know if it was the same for you but we never managed to reach any place with our pram-baby without being terribly late. When she was a baby, we literally got late every single time we decided to reach Central Park, a 25-minute drive from our place. Feeding, changing, packing her stuff and my fibromyalgia flare-ups with all that always resulted in one of the following:

1. We reached there just half an hour before the closing time.
2. She fell asleep just a few minutes before we reached.
3. She needed to be fed / diaper changed just before we were about to leave pretty late.
4. I was miserably slow in packing for her (still am)… I still can’t figure out why but maybe because I am worried that I should not forget anything important at home.

Anyway, so last evening we managed to reach Kharghar Central Park the moment it opens in the evening – 5 pm? How? Well, we ended up having a late lunch in a restaurant in Kharghar, near the Central Park. Then we had some tea and voila… We were there in time 😆 TIP: If you tend to reach late to places, aim to reach much early, way too early 🤣

Exploring Nature

To our suprise, the Central Park was buzzing with kids and families within 15 minutes of its opening time. I read that it is spread across 290 acres… really huge space! We directly headed to the kids play area before it could get more crowded. Oh, the number of slides, swings and all are amazing! I have never seen so many slides together in a park or playground. There are many trees and well maintained grass so you can sit in the shade for long.

Kharghar Central Park: Kids Play Area

The constant sound of kids all around us made us feel so good as since Covid we didn’t get to hear lots of kids playing together, giggling, running and enjoying their childhood the way they should – playing in the open with many kids around.

Tips for Central Park visit with little children:

1. Carry enough drinking water.
2. If your kid still wears diaper, carry an extra set with disposal bag so you don’t have to go to the parking lot again.
3. Carry some snacks but please do not throw empty packets and empty bottles on the ground.
4. Carry a sheet to sit and keep your stuff if they feel ticklish on grass.
5. Click pictures, you’ll love to look at them years later.
6. Carry a ball, hoola goop, badminton set, frisbee, etc. to play with your kids.
7. If your kids have longer hair, it’s a good idea to tie them in a pony or pigtails so the wind doesn’t result in knots and they don’t have to adjust the hair coming on their face all the time with the wind.
8. Comfortable footwear makes all the difference. Also, encourage them to walk bare feet on grass, mud and sand.

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Aamras Recipe / Mango Pulp Recipe Video

Here’s my Aamras Recipe (Mango pulp/puree that can be used as a dessert or accompaniment) for all the Mango Lovers!
Perfect for kids too!

Aamras is a popular mango recipe in India during the mango season. If you can get Alphonso mangoes for the same, it will give the best results.

This is my version of the recipe and my kid loves it. I use malai/fresh cream from the boiled milk of the day but you can skip it if you are lactose intolerant or on your weight loss journey.

I skip using sugar / jaggery / honey or any other sweetener and blend it for a couple of minutes only.

The richness and super creamy nature of this recipe comes from the quality of mangoes used and the malai / fresh cream. As I mentioned earlier, you can skip it though.

Remember that the quantity reduces after blending and removing the seed. So if you think that 2 mangoes would be enough for you, just double the count 🙂 as it is too yummy and you will need more! I used 2 mangoes here and regretted the quantity as three of us were planning to eat, we all just got a few spoonfuls 😆

Aamras Recipe Ingredients (adjust the proportion of everything based on the quantity of mangoes used):
2 medium size Alphonso Mangoes / Haapus Aam
Pinch of cardamom seeds / powder
2 tbsp malai / fresh cream from boiled milk / a tbsp of milk

Aamras Recipe Steps:

Soak ripe mangoes in water & refrigerate for a few hours.
Peel, cut and add in a blender.
Add fresh cream / malai (ideally from boiled milk of the day).
Add green cardamom / cardamom (elaichi) powder.
Blend till you get a smooth and creamy consistency (watch the video below for reference).
The yummiest & smoothest Aamras / Mango Pulp is ready! 🥭🥭🥭 Enjoy with rotis, puris ot just relish a bowlful of this goodness!

Watch the video below for the best aamras recipe. Let me know in comments if you try it or share your version.

Best Aamras Recipe Video

If the mangoes you have bought aren’t sweet, only then add jaggery powder/sugar/honey as per your liking. Else, with ripe and sweet mangoes you won’t need these!

A-Z Challenge, my superhero story and catching up

This is a quick one. So I completed the A-Z challenge in April! Thank you all for showing all the love to my posts and the superheroes story. With all the encouragement, I am keen to convert the story into a proper book/series with more details and interesting twists and turns.

Meanwhile, I am yet to catch up with all of your posts that I missed towards the end of the challenge. Certain unavoidable things, extra work and dental issues came up in the last week of April and I struggled to complete the A-Z challenge. But I definitely intend to read as much as possible, especially the ones who commented on my posts. My reflections post too is pending and I guess I missed the deadline. I just renewed my WordPress membership and I will catch up from 17th May. I will also list the blogs I loved during the challenge and the nice things people said in the next post. Gotta rush now but I owed it to you to let you know why I missed reading a few of your posts. See you around soon!