A-Z Challenge, my superhero story and catching up

This is a quick one. So I completed the A-Z challenge in April! Thank you all for showing all the love to my posts and the superheroes story. With all the encouragement, I am keen to convert the story into a proper book/series with more details and interesting twists and turns.

Meanwhile, I am yet to catch up with all of your posts that I missed towards the end of the challenge. Certain unavoidable things, extra work and dental issues came up in the last week of April and I struggled to complete the A-Z challenge. But I definitely intend to read as much as possible, especially the ones who commented on my posts. My reflections post too is pending and I guess I missed the deadline. I just renewed my WordPress membership and I will catch up from 17th May. I will also list the blogs I loved during the challenge and the nice things people said in the next post. Gotta rush now but I owed it to you to let you know why I missed reading a few of your posts. See you around soon!


6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge, my superhero story and catching up”

    1. Omg this is such an honour, truly! Thank you so much for your kind words and as I begin my road trip from tomorrow, I promise to start with your blog. I have missed a lot and I had decided to start from 17th May!


  1. Catching up with all the blogs you missed is the idea behind the Post-A to Z Challenge Road Trip, which starts next Monday. The nice thing is that you have between now and the next challenge to catch up on everyone. See you on the road!

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