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Why do doctors take time to hand over the newborn to parents? The crucial significance of APGAR score in newborns.

After a long wait of nine months, finally the labour day has arrived. You and your partner are having a surge of emotions and your excitement knows no bounds. Fast forward to the delivery room and you finally hear the words you have been waiting for, “Congratulations, you have a healthy baby!” or “Congratulations, it’s a boy/girl!” You can’t wait to hold the baby regardless of how exhausted (well, thats’s an understatement) you are. But the team of doctors and nurses take a few minutes (that honestly feel like forever) to hand over the baby to you. Or perhaps they do a quick skin-to-skin mother baby contact and initial breastfeeding and then take the baby for a little while. WHY? You just stare at them, unable to move and wondering why on earth are they not handing over the baby to you? Is everything okay? What is all this medical jargon they are using? Why aren’t they constantly updating me?

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Well, I have been there and I know exactly how it feels. At least, they could tell me what’s happening, right? Not exactly, they are actually really busy checking the wellbeing of your baby, especially in the first 10 minutes (trust me, it does seem like an eternity) after childbirth. They really don’t have the time to respond and explain everything to you. Meanwhile, a nurse/doctor is attending you to ensure your wellbeing.

After cutting the umbilical cord and cleaning the baby, the healthcare team quickly starts evaluating the APGAR score of your newborn. This is a very important step and once you know what it is, you would really not mind them having your baby for a few minutes immediately after delivery.

APGAR stands for Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity and Respiration – 5 important evaluations performed on a baby at 1 and 5 minutes after birth to determine the immediate care required. Named after its creator, Dr. Virginia Apgar, this scoring system has proven to be an invaluable tool in ensuring the well-being of infants worldwide.

The score is determined by evaluating five key indicators, which are easily remembered using the acronym APGAR:

  1. Appearance: The baby’s skin color is observed, with a healthy pink hue indicating good oxygenation, while paleness or bluish discoloration may indicate potential problems.
  2. Pulse: The baby’s heart rate is assessed, as a strong and regular heartbeat is crucial for proper functioning and oxygenation of the body.
  3. Grimace: The baby’s reflexes and response to stimulation are examined. A healthy newborn will exhibit strong reflexes, such as crying or pulling away when stimulated.
  4. Activity: The baby’s muscle tone is assessed, with a newborn showing good muscle tone by active movements and flexed limbs.
  5. Respiration: The baby’s breathing is observed for proper lung function and oxygen exchange.

It serves as a communication tool between healthcare providers, ensuring a standardized evaluation and allowing for consistent documentation of the newborn’s condition. The Apgar score enables healthcare providers to monitor the baby’s progress over time. By comparing the one-minute and five-minute scores, doctors can assess the effectiveness of any interventions initiated and make informed decisions regarding the need for additional care.

A low Apgar score at one or five minutes can signal the need for further evaluation, specialized care, or resuscitative measures. Healthcare providers can quickly initiate appropriate interventions such as administering oxygen, clearing airways, or initiating cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if necessary.

Furthermore, the Apgar score assists in identifying newborns who may require extended observation or neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) admission. It aids in determining the urgency and level of care needed, facilitating timely and targeted interventions for high-risk infants.

The Apgar score’s simplicity and effectiveness have made it an indispensable part of newborn care, allowing medical teams to ensure the best possible outcomes for infants around the world. So after delivery, when the doctors do not hand over the baby to you immediatey, just relax. They are just doing the best for your baby and yoou will soon hold your newborn in your arms and adore the cutie for as long as you wish 🙂


Having some but great, and being content

What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable?

“Having it all” can be a dream, but having it all – like literally with regards to everything – isn’t quite possible. Being realistic and working towards what you wish without being greedy can however bring contentment and joy.

The richest people you have heard of don’t have it all as well. They have the money, the resources, the reach… but they don’t have time.

Joy can come from the simple pleasures of life. And once we understand this and are able to explain this to our kids, the world will be a much happier place, for everyone. It’s like you take your kid to a toy shop. Say the kid is in a cranky mood and wants a few toys from that expensive shop. You don’t or can’t buy everything. Neither does any kid ever demand having it all from the toy shop (they know better than us!). They just want one of two things. Eventually, it could be just that little floating boat on water that could bring tremendous joy to the kid. That could mean having it all for him/her at that moment. And during the moment when your child was insisting on having a particular expensive toy that you couldn’t afford, momentarily you would have wondered if you had it all to buy whatever your kid demanded. But then, you wouldn’t have the leisure/time to spend with your kid in such toy shops.

So don’t focus on having it all in terms of everything. Yes, one can be ambitious in life (like having a great score in all subjects, hitting all the goals in a match, making a reasonable bucket list and ticking it all…) but just don’t cross the greed line!

How do you tell yourself or your kids to be happy with what you/they have? Let me know in the comments! Do follow my YouTube channel for little joys of life.

How to make a Paper Dinosaur | Easy Origami Dino Tutorial

Easy Origami Dinosaur Making Video

Welcome to the beautiful world of origami, where you will be learning how to create a paper dinosaur! You may use the adorable origami dinosaur you create in this video on our YouTube channel as a fun paper toy or to display on your desk. This is a fun activity for children of all ages!

A square paper is the only material that you need to create this beautiful apper dinosaur. 

Watch the origami dinosaur tutorial video above as we walk you through the folding procedure step-by-step and enjoy creating this amazing dinosaur.

So take out your paper, and let’s begin! To participate, you can play, pause, and alter the speed of this movie. We are eager to see what you produce. Don’t forget to post a picture of your completed origami dinosaur in the comments section and feel free to ask us any questions.

Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Active Kids with Short Hair

My daughter is four years old now. Over these years, I have tried a few simple and cute hairstyles for her. My baby wasn’t born with a full head of hair. She had scanty hair at birth and I couldn’t wait for her to have enough hair so that I could tie cute ponytails, pigtails and what not… girl mom dream, right?

Well, as she grew, so did her hair. So, if your baby is born with little or no hair, don’t worry; it will come gradually! Anyway, when she finally had enough hair for me to tie those cute bands and bows, well she wouldn’t sit still 😉 Do you face the same thing? The child would not move a quarter of a millimeter while watching the TV but ask her to sit still for a few minutes while trying that perfect hair partition or tying that hair band – you gotta win an award for getting that right!

But before you know, she is 4 or 5 years old and demands a different / smart / particular hairstyle! And then you feel a joy like never before… that happened to me yesterday. So I thought of putting together some of the hairstyles I have tried on her in a video on our YouTube Channel Mom and Ideas (Video/Link below). Remember, whatever hairstyle you try on your kid, you need ascertain that it is not too tight for her and she should definitely feel comfortable.

Head to our YouTube channel Mom and Ideas, where I have put together my favourite hairstyles that I tried on my daughter from 1-4 years. These are perfect for busy parents and active kids who would generally not sit still for longer while combing hair. From simple ponytails to fun braids, we’ve got you covered. If your child has short or scanty hair, there’s a hairstyle in here that’s sure to look super cute. With our simple ideas, you’ll be able to create these cute hairstyles in just a few minutes, and your little ones will look all the more adorable and won’t have hair coming on their face while playing or eating. So, grab your combs, brushes, and hair accessories, and let’s get started on these fun and easy hairstyles for kids! Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to  @momandideas  for more awesome videos like this one. These simple hairstyles for kids will make them feel comfortable during all the fun times, activities, school, playtime and sleep.

Watch “Mother’s Day Surprise” Idea by my daughter🎉🎁

Well, we had a busy day today. So I asked my 4-year-old daughter in the evening if she would like to make me a Mother’s Day card today, or she could do it tomorrow if she likes. She made this in 10 mins… 🥰 What a beautiful concept, totally her idea💡

Watch our Mother’s Day special video below to see how little beautiful minds work ❤❤

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!!

12 Things about Humanity to Teach Kids: Summer Vacation Checklist 1 – Humanity

My 4-year-old daughter’s summer vacation begins today! While I am researching and making a list of all the things, trips and activities we want to do during these hot 7 weeks, I have come up with the following list to help her be a better human being.

Feel free to use this list as your reference if you like to teach the same (or a version of this) to your kids. Of course, many more things will follow.

1. Understanding the basics of what kids/friends with autism, ADHD, asthma and other mental/physical challenges go through and how to be understanding and compassionate while around with them without letting them feel any different.

2. Be kind to animals, birds and nature. Plant some seeds, place water for thirsty birds.

3. Be nice, kind and respectful to all people and kids.

4. Share and help willingly with a smile.

5. Be compassionate with those who are sick.

6. All people are different. Respect everyone’s opinions, preferences, beliefs in their Gods/Atheism. Don’t say someone is wrong if their beliefs are different from us.

7. Never hurt anyone. Apologize when you are wrong. Forgive those who hurt you.

8. Sometimes there are some bad people, be careful and look out for your friends too.

9. Believe in yourself. Stand up for yourself and your friends, you are strong.

10. Don’t use bad words or do name calling. Calling someone mad/pagal is a very bad thing to say. It is a serious mental illness.

11. Don’t make fun of anyone. Be funny to make people happy but don’t laugh at anyone.

12. You can tell everything, every single thing to your parents. Especially, when someone says not to tell the parents something (mostly for younger kids).

Well, we all have different opinions and ways of thinking. But the above is just our way of raising her. This is just a checklist so that I ensure that with examples or stories I make her realize and understand the above.

So while summer vacation will be loaded with lots of fun and activities, I also intend to help her be a good and kind human being. Baby steps towards a better future of humankind.

Building Blocks Games for Kids: How to Play with Blocks | Why Building Blocks are Important | Lego

Did you know that building blocks can be used for many more play ideas apart from just creating towers, vehicles and castles? Sharing some of our favourite ideas with Lego Blocks here. Watch our YouTube video till the end to know why blocks are an important learning toy for preschoolers.

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How to draw an umbrella ☂️ using the number 1 | Easy drawing tutorial for kids

It’s so fascinating to draw pictures using numbers and letters! Here is a simple and easy idea to draw an umbrella using the number 1. Activities like this make learning so much fun and give a boost to kids’ imagination! Kids think of shapes and images when they see certain numbers or letters and vice versa!

Check out this video and many more ideas on our YouTube channel Mom and Ideas. Remember to subscribe to our channel to stay tuned!

Happy parenting!

DIY VALENTINE’S DAY CARD | Easy Valentine’s Day Art for Kids

IDEA: Teachers love ♥️ us and give us Stars when we do good! We will always try our best and Teachers will need a lot of stars to give to us ⭐⭐⭐ Hence the ⭐ Star-Sprinkling Magic Wand! Happy Valentine’s Day! Love all, be kind!

Mothers and Freelance Jobs: A Match Made in Heaven

In today’s fast-paced world, many mothers, especially those who left their full time jobs after pregnancy, are taking on freelance jobs as a way to contribute to the family’s finances, pursue their passions, and have a better work-life balance. In most nuclear families that don’t have a support system or possibility of a nanny or daycare, this happens once the child enters Grade 1 which essentially means longer school hours than preschool. This is also when the child has started becoming independent and can do certain things by himself / herself. That said, being a stay at home mom (SAHM) is a much tougher job and we hope that people respect the choices of a woman, whether she wishes to pursue her full-time career, a part-time job, a remote working option or a full-time (unpaid) task of a homemaker.

Freelancing offers a flexible schedule and the freedom to work from anywhere, making it an ideal option for mothers who want to balance their professional and personal lives. They can take on freelance projects during naps, after the kids go to bed, or even in between playdates and errands. This allows them to earn a steady income while being able to spend more time with their children of that is what they prefer.

The rise of the gig economy and remote work has also made it easier for mothers to find freelance jobs. From graphic design and content creation to virtual assistance and bookkeeping, there’s a vast array of opportunities available. Furthermore, platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer make it a little easier for mothers to find clients, market their skills, and get paid.

One of the biggest benefits of freelance work is that it allows mothers to pursue their passions and interests. Whether it’s writing, photography, or web development, freelancing provides an outlet for mothers to showcase their talents and grow professionally. This can also serve as a source of inspiration for their children, who can see their mothers following their dreams and being successful in their careers.

In conclusion, freelancing and motherhood are a perfect match. With the flexibility and freedom it offers, mothers can fulfill their responsibilities as a parent and professional, all while doing what they love. Whether it’s to earn extra income, follow their passions, or have a better work-life balance, freelancing is a fantastic opportunity for mothers to take their careers to the next level. It really helps to have some financial independence, right?

If you are a mom and have been able to pursue your career after a break, do drop a comment to guide other moms looking for opportunities. Please refrain from promotions, kindly only share about job platforms that helped you.

How to safely REMOVE MOLD from Toys – A Cleaning Hack without Harmful Chemicals

Finding mold in cute wooden toys can be so upsetting! Mishika was gifted these beautiful and colourful dominos on her birthday. But when we decided to open the packet a few days later, we were shocked to see that it had developed some white spots… MOLD was set to ruin these toys!

How to remove Mold from wooden toys and bath toys

Oh I love dominoes, probably more than my kid and obviously these could not be used for playing… at least until we bud adieu to that mold. So I decided to remove the mold right away. It’s a very simple process, takes a few extra minutes to ensure that each piece is clean, but by the end of the day we had very clean and fun wooden toys to play with!

Watch this detailed video on YouTube where I explain the step-by-step mold removing process without using any harmful chemicals and just two things!!! You can use this idea to clean and disinfect all the small toys of your kids, including bath toys, animal toys and of course, wooden toys.

Please check out our YouTube channel Mom and Ideas that I am regularly updating with useful household hacks like this, easy recipes, DIY activities for kids, stories and rhymes for children, our fun moments and my motherhood journey. And please let me know in comments what else you would like to read about in this blog!

Happy Parenting!

What I did today when my daughter was at school!

They say a woman should not interfere in another female’s kitchen. Well, I did that and the other female appreciated it 😊 Read on to know more!

I love toys, I guess more than my four-year-old kid 🤣 So I had my best friend come over yesterday. We met after 6 years as she stays in Australia and I in India. I met her younger 5-year-old daughter for the first time and she met my kid for the first time too.

We five gals had a great nail party and Draw the stem of the Apple game after having some dosas and followed by “Meeting Friends” Cake cutting time 😊 The girls decided to play with the kitchen set and made us some pretend snacks and tea. Oh what cute moments 😘😘

They tidied up the toys but we were in a rush to go out and the box wasn’t closing! So today, when my daughter went to her school, I decided to organize her kitchen things in the box. It was surprisingly therapeutic! Not a big deal but some things were sorted while sitting on a couch and it felt so good. Well, that my real kitchen is a real mess currently but one thing at a time 😊 Here’s a little video of the kitchen toys organization (simple stuff) that I put up on YouTube, do have a look.

Organising Pretend Play Toys – Kitchen Sets

PS We don’t have so many kitchen toys because of the gender of my daughter. She loves Lego, stem activities, puzzles, cars, equally. But we happened to receive many kitchen toys as gifts for her, and she loves them all!

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Happy New Year 🎉

Wishing you a fabulous New Year and lots of happy moments in 2023!

Some good moments on a sick and stressful day

So my father’s BP suddenly increased to 180+ in the middle of the night. He had a bad stomach ache too. We stay 30 minutes away and I missed my mom’s missed calls. I am dealing with severe headache since 10 days and had been able to sleep after taking a painkiller only after 2 am. Can’t explain how terrible I felt when I awoke really very late on the morning to see her missed calls.

Anyway, we spoke to some doctors on the phone. Mishika’s friend’s mother, who is also a good friend of mine now, is an excellent doctor. She was so sweet of guiding us through over the phone and prescribing a medicine for blood pressure to help my dad until we reached him. She also made me feel less anxious.

We finally got a doctor’s appointment in the evening. His BP is still high but the doctor suggested that he might be having a preexisting but undiagnosed blood pressure issue. Thankfully, my mom checked his BP when he was sick and it helped detect it. Anyway, so the current thing is to get his stomach ache sorted with the prescribed medication while his BP meds have also been started.

Meanwhile, I am still struggling with really bad headache and mild fever, so I could not take him to the doctor and felt terrible again. My husband went with him while I stayed back with my mom and 4-year-old. Since I couldn’t move much, we decided to have a nailpaint session. I always think that a haircut or self care or small indulgences can make one feel little better on the toughest days. During my severe depression phases, I always get a haircut and somehow it helps me feel better. So we had a quick nailpaint application – all three of us – my mom, I and my daughter! She felt so good and happy. I kinda lifted our spirits a bit. I even uploaded our little 3-generations video on YouTube!

3 Generations trying to feel better on a tough day!

I think small things like this can always lift someone’s mood on a gloomy day. What do you do to feel a little better and make people around you feel better on stressful days? Let me know in comments.

Christmas Pancake Short Story Video

Christmas Pancake Story by Anuradha, Mom and Ideas

🌲CHRISTMAS PANCAKE STORY – Original short stories for kids by @momandideas 🌲

I made some Christmas Themed Pancakes for my daughter’s tiffin box this week. She finished them all ♥️ While I was looking at the pictures after posting the Pancake Recipe (click here for the recipe), I thought of making a 15-second story for children. It is short and simple with a little message about Friendship. Hope you liked it and your kids enjoy it! Do follow us and subscribe to our channel Mom and Ideas on YouTube for more stories and activities for kids!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!