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DIY Christmas Tree Finger Puppet – Easy Christmas Activity for Kids

Ever thought of making a finger puppet? Or a Christmas Tree Finger Puppet? Well, we made one last evening 🌲 Check out how we did it in the video below!

The idea popped when I was thinking of using a toilet paper roll and green pipe cleaners for our Christmas Crafts and we didn’t have green pipe cleaners at home! I looked around to find something green and found the dot stickers! Voila… A cute Christmas Tree was ready that also doubles up as a finger puppet!

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Easy DIY Christmas Tree Craft – X’Mas Tree Finger Puppet

Watch “Clouds Will Float – Nursery Rhyme With Lyrics | Kids Songs Sing Along” on YouTube

Announcing the LAUNCH of our NURSERY RHYMES & CHILDREN’S STORIES SERIES on our YouTube channel Mom and Ideas (@momandideas)

Now enjoy watching nursery rhymes, kids songs, stories and activity ideas by Momandideas on YouTube. CLOUDS WILL FLOAT is an original nursery rhyme created by mom and daughter duo of Mom and Ideas. The nursery rhyme is the outcome of our combined imagination as we saw some clouds floating in the sky and wondered how it would have been if we were on a boat!

WHY ARE NURSERY RHYMES IMPORTANT? Nursery rhymes for kids is a likeable fun learning way to develop interest in languages – words, rhythms and sentence construction. It facilitates imagination as those tiny minds have their own versions of how the characters in a rhyme look and act. At the same time, kids songs or rhymes are beautiful learning opportunities! Mishika and I often end up creating our rhymes and stories together and I thought of sharing it on this platform. If you like our creations, PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL  @MOM AND IDEAS 

Copyright: ©Momandideas ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Music Credit: Music: Christmas Tree

Skillmatics Activity Set for 3-7 year olds | Good for Fine Motor Skills + Hand Eye Coordination

We got the perfect dot stickers activity set for 3-7 year-old kids. The Skillmatics Dot-It Activity Set was Gifted with love on Mishika’s 4th birthday by her Mama Mami (maternal uncle and aunt) and how she is in love with this! It is a no-mess sticker activity, absolutely perfect for us at this stage as Mishika is finding it tough to fill colours with crayons in colouring books and school sheets. She absolutely loved this Skillmatics activity and wanted to complete a few more sheets the moment she finished one.

Each sheet of dot stickers has three shades of colors and varying sizes. So based on the white space available, she picked the small and large stickers and pasted them with much enthusiasm. What a fun mom daughter time we had with these cute dinosaurs last evening as she made stories about dinosaurs while looking at the pictures 😍

Unboxing and Review of Skillmatics Dot-it Sticker Activity Set

Absolutely recommend this Dot-It Set for preschoolers and kids upto 7 years of age!!! Watch the detailed video on our YouTube channel @momandideas ♥️

DIY Sheep Costume for Halloween | Fancy Dress Lamb Costume| World Animal Day

Learn how to make a sheep costume (or lamb costume) at home. Perfect for fancy dress competitions, costume parties, Halloween and Domestic Animals Day celebrations at school. This is a low budget costume and very comfortable for kids.


I have uploaded the video on How to make Sheep Costume on YouTube and I am also embedding ot here.

How to make Sheep Costume:
DIY video on YouTube

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DIY Cute and Easy Cupcake Costume for Halloween and Fancy Dress

This cute DIY cupcake / muffin costume is very easy to make and requires easily available items from around your house or the local store. It is super low budget and it involves very little time to make this Fancy Dress / Halloween costume. Perfect for toddlers and grown ups for fancy dress competitions, theme parties and of course, Halloween!

Mishika dressed up as a Cute Cupcake

So, I made this cupcake costume for Mishika for a Fancy Dress event for kids in our housing complex. She is almost 4 years old and this was her first every costume wearing event. I wanted her to enjoy participating instead of focussing on winning. So I didn’t tell her that there will be prizes involved and all. Getting kids involved in creating something that they will wear, eat or use is always a good idea. She wore the cupcake costume without any hesitation and didn’t ask us to remove it until the fancy dress competition was over and prizes were distributed!

Creating this cute Muffin required very basic items: Cardboard, Wrapping Paper, Glue, Scissors, an old Tutu / Dress with Frills that the kid has outgrown, Lanyard/String/Ribbon to hang the cupcake base bit.

I have uploaded a DIY video on YouTube on how to make this comfortable cupcake costume for Fancy Dress, Halloween, etc. Do check it out! Feel free to share with friends who might find this useful 😊 Save it for future reference as well. It is so super easy to make!


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Interview: VnMomSchool’s Nikita – A Mom buzzing with STEM activities and creative ideas

Ever since I became a mom, I have been fascinated by websites and Instagram pages that have anything to do with parenting, activity ideas and recipes for kids. Few pages in particular always won my heart and one of those is VNMom School run by a very amazing mother – Nikita. She shares more about her motherhood journey, STEM activities, her struggles and insights in this interview. Do check out her ever-growing page @vnmomschool and my page @momandideas

Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi I am Nikita, a mom of a 5-year-old boy Virat. We stay in Pune. I am ME/MTech in Electronics and was working as a software engineer before I became a mom.

I discovered your amazing Instagram page and have been a fan ever since. Tell more
about @vnmomschool
When the pandemic happened in 2020, it was very different to keep my son engaged who
was just three that time. So I started doing STEM activities which I did in my childhood and I used to share those on my WhatsApp stories. My friends found the kids’ activities useful and asked me to put them up as Instagram posts so that they also refer and try at home.

So that’s how VnMomSchool born on my Birthday. I share our fun learning experience which is easy and almost no prep so that all parents can try with kids at home too.

VnMomSchool – STEM Education

Why is STEM so important in early childhood years?
The STEM approach enhances creativity, critical thinking and curiosity that is beneficial
throughout academic years. For example, when he was just three years old, my kid used to ask questions when we had power cuts – How does the fan work?, “Why did it suddenly stop when power went off?
So I made a small playdough circuit with LED lights and small battery to show him how
electricity works and his little eyes sparkled with curiosity and 1000 more questions! I am
sure he will remember this fun experiment throughout his life. He doesn’t need to go through in-depth learning. Such fun learning helps children in problem solving and analytical, logical and critical thinking in future. Also it helps to avoid screen time a lot.

Check out VnMomSchool’s YouTube channel here. If you are more of a Facebook person, this is her page.

Check out MomandIdeas’ YouTube channel here. If you are more of a Facebook person, this is my page.

On tough days, what makes you feel better?
Nature’s walk really make me feel better. Whenever I get time or am having a rough day, I just go out in the garden and observe plants, flowers and birds. It really helps me calm down.

What is your relaxation mantra for moms around?
I get really less time for relaxation but whenever I get I go for a walk, talk to friends, listen to music or watch kdramas.

What would you like to know from other moms (small questions you always
thought maybe someone could answer)?

Oh, I would like to ask two things:
How do you manage their routine if no help is around?
How do you define the current education system? Do you feel it should change?

Tips for other moms based on your experience.
I really feel we are new-gen moms and instead of teaching kids about phonics, maths or
rote learning, let’s focus on values first. Topics like nature, culture, kindness, empathy, no
littering, how to help to save the environment, water, electricity, etc.

Every mom faces some struggles. Would you like to share your mom-struggles and how you overcame them or if you need any suggestions?
We all face struggles as parents. I am no different. And when you have a super energetic toddler at home it’s like a roller coaster ride! I had temper issues and still have, but I am trying to be as calm as possible by counting numbers, using stress balls, etc. whenever kiddo throws tantrums or makes a house mess. Well I know it’s his time to do all the stuff, I understand very well, but sometimes it’s out of my control too. I would really love to know how you overcome them.

Something about you before you became a mom!
I shifted to Pune back in 2008 to join an MNC as a software engineer after I completed my
BE Electronics. After two years of working, I took a break to finish my Masters in Engineering and then again joined a startup but I really wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do until I became a mom. Now my goal is to provide the best learning experience to my kid beyond school and also share it with other parents too.

What are your kid’s favourite books? We will compile a handy list based on
recommendations by moms.
My kiddo loves books based on facts. He prefers encyclopaedias over stories so our
collection is also a bit different.
DK’s Children Encyclopedia
Zayn and Zoey Collection
The Hungry Little Sky Monster – Rohini Nilekani
The Germ Academy – Rea Malhotra
Look Inside Space – Usborne collection Amma Tell Me – Mythology BooksMoral Stories from Panchatantra

3 favourite websites for parents. – Parenting Tips and Must-Haves for All Parenting Stages
National Geographic Kids we use their app and it’s free (it’s a fun learning app for kids)

5 favourite Instagram pages.
@thedadlab my one of most fav and inspiration to create my page

Such an inspiring and insightful conversation with Nikita! Don’t you agree? Please comment to share your experiences or ask a question if you like.

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Lunch box ideas for preschoolers / snack break ideas for school kids

DAY 1 Snack Box Idea (check both images to see what I packed and what came back) 😇

June 22nd was Mishika’s first day of school! They have one snack break and no need to mention that I was worried if she would eat anything at all. But she surprised me when she came home with an empty tiffin box and said she loved everything! So I am very happy for the first day. Thankfully, she finishes her tiffin every single day and it’s been over a month now 🙂

Scroll till the end for a video on 12 days of tiffin ideas.

I will keep sharing her daily lunch box / snack box ideas for every parent like me who is confused about what to pack everyday!

Let me know if you would like to see more tiffin ideas for school kids and I will continue this series. I will also share what she ate and what came back so we know what works and when and how!

Wish this nervous and excited first-time-school-going-kid-mom luck 😊

In the box:

1. Homemade pancakes with jaggery
2. Cashew nuts
3. Roasted salt and pepper phool makhane / fox nuts
4. Kishmish / raisins

So I am very happy for the first day. Thankfully, she finishes her tiffin every single day and it’s been over a month now 🙂

I will keep sharing her daily lunch box / snack box ideas for every parent like me who is confused about what to pack everyday!

Let me know if you would like to see more tiffin ideas for school kids and I will continue this series. I will also share what she ate and what came back so we know what works and when and how!

Wish this nervous and excited first-time-school-going-kid-mom luck 😊

In the box:

1. Homemade pancakes with jaggery
2. Cashew nuts
3. Roasted salt and pepper phool makhane / fox nuts
4. Kishmish / raisins

12 days of tiffin ideas

Following your passion after a long break post childbirth is possible: Deepa Anand – Mom Interview

I spoke to Deepa Anand, an artist mom who shares about her journey as a mom and an artist. Check out her Instagram page @deepa_artwork to see her amazing nature-inspired paintings.

Tell us something about yourself

I am an abstract artist and a mom to a 10-year-old boy. I create abstract paintings, mostly using acrylic paints. Recently, I have started making natural colours that can be used for painting. I also organise workshops like mud play for kids as well as grown-ups. It brings us so much closer to nature and it is kind of meditative. You can say that I am all about the love for nature.

How did you manage career and motherhood?

Honestly, I struggled a lot and ended up taking a long break that was not my initial plan. It took me years to strike a balance but I had to prioritise. Every mom’s circumstances, health, struggles and support system are different and I believe no one should compare moms. For me, it was not quite possible to manage full-time work while raising my kid in his early years.

Tell us about your journey to motherhood and beyond!

I studied art, came to Mumbai for post graduation in Fine Arts and then started working as a web designer for some time. However, deep inside I knew paintings were my true calling.

I left my job when I was eight months pregnant because my workplace did not offer maternity leave. At that point, I was certain that I will start working again once my baby turned one. But, I ended up being at home for three years. I just wanted to be with my child in his early years but also missed working at the same time.

It was a tough phase and I eventually started working part time. I picked a job that was close to my house. I would drop my kid to playgroup, rush to work, rush back to pick him in time and go home. I was perpetually running all the time, it was insanely exhausting with all the household work as well. I used to earn well when I worked full time but the compromised pay of this job was highly unsatisfying. I kept feeling I deserve better, much better.

Eventually, when my kid was seven years old, I stopped working part time as well. I guess it just wasn’t meant for me. I wanted to focus on him rather than doing a job that neither paid me well, nor seemed interesting anymore. The painter in me kept nudging me to paint instead. My husband also encouraged me and supported me in pursuing my passion.

So did you start painting and exhibitions immediately?

I did start practicing my painting skills initially. I also started networking among artists and taking advice from them. I also visited several art galleries. It didn’t take much time then to stock up on my art supplies. The good thing was that I had the liberty to paint as per my convenience and from my home or studio. This way, I could be with my child and give him sufficient time while also focusing on my passion while he was in school.

So we can say that you gradually ‘brushed’ away your mom-guilt!

Yes, of course! It took me a lot of time to strike a work-life balance and follow my true calling, but I am here now. I think life teaches you a lot with the challenges it throws at you.

What tips would you like to give to moms who took a break from their career but are just not able to restart even after a few years?

See, I restarted my career after a gap of some three to four years. Before that I worked part time as well. I had never thought that I would take a break like that. It somehow led me to what I should have always done – painting! I would like to say that don’t lose hope if things are not going as per your initial plan. Keep the spark alive. If and when you think it is possible for you based on your personal circumstances, give it a try again! Don’t worry thinking if you could ever work again, that is if you wish to resume working. It might take a few months or years, but stay positive.

Remember to:

  1. Never give up
  2. Follow your dreams
  3. Start networking
  4. Start writing your goals (be it work or personal)

If you had a full-fledged career before having a child and don’t wish to start working again, that is okay too. You are a good mom raising a wonderful person, that is what matters the most!

Such an inspiring story, right? Personally, I haven’t been able to give more time to income based work since the birth of my child and was worried if and when I will be able to get back on track. Her story does make me feel better, hopeful and motivated! How about you?

You can check out her paintings on her Instagram page @deepa_artwork and for enquiries about paintings, commission work or workshops, email her on

Travelling with a Toddler: Diaper changing tips in crowded outdoors

Do you struggle to CHANGE DIAPERS when you are in CROWDED OUTDOORS without your car and no visible restroom in vicinity? Well, let me tell you what helped us in a crowded Mumbai area.

So as we know, there are not many clean public restrooms here in Mumbai where a woman can comfortably pee, let alone change her kid’s diapers!

We went to Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo (Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan And Zoo) yesterday and decided to take public transport🚇🚍 instead of our car. All was fine until the super humidity in afternoon (it finally rained last evening) and sweating resulted in excessive water intake. Well, we had to change her sweat soaked clothes and diaper (before it was too late).

For those who are being judgemental and wondering why my 3.5 years old daughter is out in diapers, please visit the washrooms / public toilets in Mumbai and tell me how can you make your child sit there.

The wet and stinky floors of the zoo washrooms were definitely not an option. There was no time to head to a mall (the obvious choice for a little cleaner restroom). And that’s when this mom’s brain came to action. We found a small but clean restaurant nearby that had a little family area kinda partition. Don’t judge me, a mom needs to do what she needs to do! Since it was non-peak hour, it didn’t have customers. We ordered some tea and all and requested the manager if we could change her clothes and diaper in the area behind the partition. He obliged and I felt we met an angel! Thankfully, my kid is a little older now so the change could be managed with her standing. We had a disposal bag handy, we remember to always leave with that though I now realize I should always carry a dupatta or large scarf so that I can use it to create a covered area when we go in little crowded outdoors. I still have no idea what I would have done if she had done the bigger business!

So if you are stuck in a crowded area and must change the baby’s diaper in privacy, try this:
1. Carry all the necessary changing things including a few disposal bags and wipes.
2. Carry a large dupatta / sheet so that if need be you can just make a covered area to change in privacy.
3. Restaurant is definitely not a good choice for diaper change but whatever works in emergency.
4. If you can wait, just take a cab and head to the nearest mall.
5. Hope / pray that the authorities will soon create child-friendly public restrooms 🚻 If you are someone who can bring about this change or are a celebrity, please help make our city a comfortable place for kids.
Moms and dads in this situation, don’t panic, you’ll always find a solution!

Please share to help other parents in similar situation.

Central Park in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai: Good idea for kids

Central Park Kharghar Timing: 6 am – 9 am and 5 pm – 8 pm

When there was an announcement of opening a Central Park in Navi Mumbai, a little over a decade ago, I was very glad. I didn’t have a kid back then but I knew that when I become a mom it would be a great idea to take my kid there every once in a while. After all, we really have very few open and nature-touch large spaces in Mumbai that we can visit for a day.

Of course, I became a mom after eight years of the launch of Central Park and Covid arrived around the time my kid started walking without the need to hold hands. So, our visit to the huge park for her to play was further delayed. And I don’t know if it was the same for you but we never managed to reach any place with our pram-baby without being terribly late. When she was a baby, we literally got late every single time we decided to reach Central Park, a 25-minute drive from our place. Feeding, changing, packing her stuff and my fibromyalgia flare-ups with all that always resulted in one of the following:

1. We reached there just half an hour before the closing time.
2. She fell asleep just a few minutes before we reached.
3. She needed to be fed / diaper changed just before we were about to leave pretty late.
4. I was miserably slow in packing for her (still am)… I still can’t figure out why but maybe because I am worried that I should not forget anything important at home.

Anyway, so last evening we managed to reach Kharghar Central Park the moment it opens in the evening – 5 pm? How? Well, we ended up having a late lunch in a restaurant in Kharghar, near the Central Park. Then we had some tea and voila… We were there in time 😆 TIP: If you tend to reach late to places, aim to reach much early, way too early 🤣

Exploring Nature

To our suprise, the Central Park was buzzing with kids and families within 15 minutes of its opening time. I read that it is spread across 290 acres… really huge space! We directly headed to the kids play area before it could get more crowded. Oh, the number of slides, swings and all are amazing! I have never seen so many slides together in a park or playground. There are many trees and well maintained grass so you can sit in the shade for long.

Kharghar Central Park: Kids Play Area

The constant sound of kids all around us made us feel so good as since Covid we didn’t get to hear lots of kids playing together, giggling, running and enjoying their childhood the way they should – playing in the open with many kids around.

Tips for Central Park visit with little children:

1. Carry enough drinking water.
2. If your kid still wears diaper, carry an extra set with disposal bag so you don’t have to go to the parking lot again.
3. Carry some snacks but please do not throw empty packets and empty bottles on the ground.
4. Carry a sheet to sit and keep your stuff if they feel ticklish on grass.
5. Click pictures, you’ll love to look at them years later.
6. Carry a ball, hoola goop, badminton set, frisbee, etc. to play with your kids.
7. If your kids have longer hair, it’s a good idea to tie them in a pony or pigtails so the wind doesn’t result in knots and they don’t have to adjust the hair coming on their face all the time with the wind.
8. Comfortable footwear makes all the difference. Also, encourage them to walk bare feet on grass, mud and sand.

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Aamras Recipe / Mango Pulp Recipe Video

Here’s my Aamras Recipe (Mango pulp/puree that can be used as a dessert or accompaniment) for all the Mango Lovers!
Perfect for kids too!

Aamras is a popular mango recipe in India during the mango season. If you can get Alphonso mangoes for the same, it will give the best results.

This is my version of the recipe and my kid loves it. I use malai/fresh cream from the boiled milk of the day but you can skip it if you are lactose intolerant or on your weight loss journey.

I skip using sugar / jaggery / honey or any other sweetener and blend it for a couple of minutes only.

The richness and super creamy nature of this recipe comes from the quality of mangoes used and the malai / fresh cream. As I mentioned earlier, you can skip it though.

Remember that the quantity reduces after blending and removing the seed. So if you think that 2 mangoes would be enough for you, just double the count 🙂 as it is too yummy and you will need more! I used 2 mangoes here and regretted the quantity as three of us were planning to eat, we all just got a few spoonfuls 😆

Aamras Recipe Ingredients (adjust the proportion of everything based on the quantity of mangoes used):
2 medium size Alphonso Mangoes / Haapus Aam
Pinch of cardamom seeds / powder
2 tbsp malai / fresh cream from boiled milk / a tbsp of milk

Aamras Recipe Steps:

Soak ripe mangoes in water & refrigerate for a few hours.
Peel, cut and add in a blender.
Add fresh cream / malai (ideally from boiled milk of the day).
Add green cardamom / cardamom (elaichi) powder.
Blend till you get a smooth and creamy consistency (watch the video below for reference).
The yummiest & smoothest Aamras / Mango Pulp is ready! 🥭🥭🥭 Enjoy with rotis, puris ot just relish a bowlful of this goodness!

Watch the video below for the best aamras recipe. Let me know in comments if you try it or share your version.

Best Aamras Recipe Video

If the mangoes you have bought aren’t sweet, only then add jaggery powder/sugar/honey as per your liking. Else, with ripe and sweet mangoes you won’t need these!

A-Z Challenge, my superhero story and catching up

This is a quick one. So I completed the A-Z challenge in April! Thank you all for showing all the love to my posts and the superheroes story. With all the encouragement, I am keen to convert the story into a proper book/series with more details and interesting twists and turns.

Meanwhile, I am yet to catch up with all of your posts that I missed towards the end of the challenge. Certain unavoidable things, extra work and dental issues came up in the last week of April and I struggled to complete the A-Z challenge. But I definitely intend to read as much as possible, especially the ones who commented on my posts. My reflections post too is pending and I guess I missed the deadline. I just renewed my WordPress membership and I will catch up from 17th May. I will also list the blogs I loved during the challenge and the nice things people said in the next post. Gotta rush now but I owed it to you to let you know why I missed reading a few of your posts. See you around soon!

Earth Citizens


A dangerous virus arrived on earth.
Many many years after human evolution.
Just a virus, without any education, ideology or a long process of evolution.
Didn’t discriminate on the basis of anything.
It treated everyone equally, regardless of:
Financial status
And kinda ruled our lives for two years.

Meanwhile, all humans came together.
Regardless of:
Financial status
They made it weaker together.
Finally, it is weaker, maybe.

And now humans are focussing again on what makes them weaker as a species by fighting in the name of:
Financial status

Weird creatures we are. Very weird. Maybe we affected / infected the virus so much that it started having different prominent variants in different places.

Why do we need a calamity to stand together. Why do we need to fight? Let people be. Let us be EARTH CITIZENS while respecting everyone’s individual beliefs, culture and language preferences.

#justahumanbeing #iamfromearth

Z for Zzz and its connection with sleep

For those who were reading my fiction about One Minuters: I am glad to share that I ended the story (for now) in the previous post. Frankly, I wanted to treat myself with an easy post on Z. Coming up with so many Z words to start every sentence of the last chapter (as per my tough theme for the fiction) was difficult given that the chapter demanded pace 😊 This is my 26th and last post for this year’s A to Z Challenge (#atozchallenge).
Read all my posts for the challenge in the A to Z links below:
A ➡ B ➡ C ➡ D ➡ E ➡ F ➡ G ➡ H ➡ I ➡ J ➡ K ➡ L ➡ M ➡ N ➡ O ➡ P ➡ Q ➡ R ➡ S ➡ T ➡ U ➡ V ➡ W ➡ XY ➡ Z


I am so tempted to end the Z post just like this! I think I have earned myself some Zs after the fiction that I ended yesterday with the Y post. We all participants have earned a break, right?

By the way, did you know how Zzz became synonymous with sleep?

Well, it used to be tough for comic book and comic strip artists to indicate sleep. So someone came up with the onomatopoeic representation of snoring by using Zzz. Though personally I feel that snoring sounds more like krhhhh rather than zzzzzzz 😜 As I write this, my 3-year-old is napping beside me and snoring like krhhhh krhhh! Funny coincidence, isn’t it?

Anyway, over the years, Zzz became so common that people started using the idiom “to catch some Zs” for saying “to get some sleep”.

That’s about it! Won’t make this last post of the month long as we all are clearly exhausted and deserve a relaxed Zzz-full weekend.

I am very thankful to my WhatsApp gal gang who kept motivating me and my family and friends who appreciated my work. Super thankful to the organisers of the annual A-Z challenge for all their hardwork and for keeping the spirit of blogging alive.

Stay tuned for more interesting posts on and who knows The One Minuters might surprise you again!

PS I am really keen to know what you think about my fiction (B to Y posts). So I would appreciate if you could drop your honest comments below. Should I extend the story with greater details and convert it into a book?

Y for Yearning for the end of The Command

You need to join The One Minuters now,” The Voice spoke into Beth’s ears.

You both catch up, I need to go out for a while,” Beth told Keith and Quincy.

Yoghurt – mango flavoured, X-Men comics and Ben-Ten stickers, I know you are going out to get those for me, right?,” Keith counted the things Beth had promised to get for him a few weeks ago.

Yes, of course! And the comics were not in the list!” Beth pretended to be normal though she was very worried.

Yet again, all the One Minuters assembled.

You see, Tim seems nervous now so I would need you to visit his memory a little while ago. Just let him decide to take a walk on the beach after passing through the X-amine frame so that he doesn’t hear that the lock was lodged in his duodenum,” A Minute assigned the task to Holly knowing that a worried Tim could be an ideal host for The Command.

Yesterday, I managed to scatter the particles of that key in the geostationary orbit, should I do the same with the lock? But how do I get it out of his system, won’t he bleed?” Beth asked A Minute.

Young woman, we can’t have the lock and the key in the same orbit. You might have to go farther in space and scattering the lock into a thousand pieces means there would require a lot of energy. It’s risky. We need another idea!” A Minute looked at the others.

Yeah, I’ve got one. Dev, could you convert that lock into the tiniest possible water drop and then transform it into water vapour? It’s already noon and quite hot, we can light a fire below the drop and take no chances! What do you say?” Evelyn was glad that she could do more than just making people fall asleep. 

Yes, I can do that. But how to get that lock out from Tim’s body?”

You know, I can gaze at the X mark made on him strongly enough so as to extract it but pulling it out would mean cuts and blood, we don’t have a surgeon amongst us,” Beth was worried about Tim.

You humans think too much. Leave it to me, I’ll heal Tim. Now hurry up with this brilliant plan before Tim feels the pressure to, you know, do the thing you do in the mornings to remove unnecessary things from your digestive system. We don’t want to reach that stage!” A Minute tried to be funny to make the One Minuters feel at ease.

Yuck!” they all uttered in unison after which A Minute stretched a second long enough for the team to complete the task while Evelyn ensured that Tim stayed deep asleep.

Yearning to put an end to The Command, the team gave its hundred percent: Beth gazed at the X mark on Tim’s skin, the lock popped out making a deep cut on his body, Dev focussed and transformed it into the tiniest possible droplet, then raised it high in the air, Holly had ignited a piece of wood to serve as torch that she held right under the droplet before it fell and in to time it transformed into water vapour and disappeared in the air!

Yes, we did it! We did it!” the One Minuters started jumping and hugging with joy until they realised that Tim must be bleeding.

You did it guys!” Tim joined them without any blood or injury mark on his body and they all looked at A Minute!

Young humans, don’t look surprised! What is that saying that you all have? A stitch in time saves nine! What do you think the Time is doing in that proverb! And by the way, it was originally – ’A stitch by time made everything fine’. Long story, I’ll tell you some other day!” A Minute started laughing and so did everyone else.

The story endsfor now! Did you notice that I managed to start each sentence (paragraph in case of long conversations) of this chapter of the story with the letter Y (I have managed to do the same from the B letter post)! This is my 25th post for this year’s A to Z Challenge (#atozchallenge). Head to my previous posts to read the entire story.
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Thank you for reading and encouraging me to write better and often!