Earth Citizens

TITLE: I AM FROM EARTH. A dangerous virus arrived on earth.Many many years after human evolution.Just a virus, without any education, ideology or a long process of evolution.Didn’t discriminate on the basis of anything.It treated everyone equally, regardless of:CountryReligionGenderAgeColourCasteFinancial statusEducationLanguageAnd kinda ruled our lives for two years. Meanwhile, all humans came together.Regardless of:CountryReligionGenderAgeColourCasteFinancial statusEducationLanguageThey made … Continue reading Earth Citizens

W for Watch out!

With A Minute and The Voice gone, the One Minuters felt helpless as The Command was about to trap Keith in that bubble shaped box.  When A Minute took Quincy to the happiest day of her life – the day when she became a mom, The Voice delivered Tim’s message about taking her to a … Continue reading W for Watch out!

U for Unsafe at home

Underestimating anyone, especially an enemy, is never a good idea.  Untrustworthy and evil, The Command had fooled the One Minuters into leaving Keith unsafe at home Unexpectedly though, Quincy’s tears had flown onto the playground making a smiley face symbol as a cue.  Until that moment, Beth had believed that keeping Keith happy at all … Continue reading U for Unsafe at home

T for Tricks and Tears

The One Minuters reached the university within a minute and The Command’s presence was obvious with a huge bubble floating over the playground.  Together, they repeated the act they had done earlier at the Andheri stadium – Dev made the bubble as small as a pea, Beth moved it towards Tim who swallowed it and … Continue reading T for Tricks and Tears


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