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Many Moons Before – A Prequel to Parenting – Review

I have read the previous two books by Andi Webb. It’s no wonder then that I was keen to read the prequel to the books. Many Moons Before is about the life of the author much before he became an amazing dad to five wonderful children.

It’s about the time when gay pride festivals were a new idea, when the internet was still in its baby phase and credit cards had a much different system. It was certainly not easy to be a gay person in the early nineties while following the not-so-common careers, coming up and executing innovative ideas and all the challenges that you can imagine. But the struggle got much tougher with abuse by someone he trusted and lived with. How he tried to get out of the relationship unsuccessfully a few times and eventually managed to be free from it is a story that might give inspiration to those in an abusive relationship. The story makes you believe that when time comes and when you have had enough and have tried enough, you can try to start afresh. The book talks about the support system of friends, which I am certain was so much stronger in the pre-smart-phones era.

Many Moons Before has moments of happiness and fun times with friends, the sorrow that comes when you lose a friend to AIDS, the spine-chilling incidents of abuse, the excitement of starting something new and making it popular, the disbelief when someone copies your idea or takes credit for it, and finding your true love.

I would truly recommend this book to one and all, as at some or the other point in the book, you will definitely relate. By the way, I admire the patience of the author who did not react how most of us would in certain challenging situations.

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Book Review of Thirteen Moons More: Diary of a Gay Dad by Andi Webb

Being a mom of a toddler, I really enjoyed this book by Andi Webb. This is the second book by the author and is about his fatherhood journey as his babies became toddlers and preschoolers! The previous book was about the difficulties the gay couple faced in bringing the surrogate kids home.

Thirteen Moons More is the perfect book for you if you are a parent or parent-to-be. You know those moments with little kids when you wonder why are they behaving like this and that? Well, Andi shares such stories with his little ones that you can relate so much and feel like you are not alone 🙂 From dealing with kids’ behaviour in different circumstances to tooth fairies, first day of school, nannies, fractures, picnics, habits, losing favourite toys, birthday parties and a Naughty School, this book will make you smile and maybe feel relaxed at times knowing that well it’s okay for kids this age to be pretty mischievous at times, or many times 🙂

There is a surprise element as well. The author, who enjoys cooking and baking has shared his kitchen tips and even recipes (you gotta read about his Jammin jams). For me, this was a bonus as while reading a book for leisure, I also got my hands on some amazing recipes and shortcuts.

I truly recommend reading the book Thirteen Moons More by Andi Webb and even the author’s previous book Eighteen Moons.

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Book Review: Eighteen Moons | An inspiring book about surrogacy struggles

Eighteen Moons (by Andi Webb) is a truly inspiring and interesting book. I am so glad I picked it for my first read after a three-year gap from reading. Surprisingly, I finished it in three days (even though I am a very slow reader) reading late nights as I just couldn’t put it down! 

The book (available here) is the true story of a gay couple, Andi and John from the UK, determined to have a family complete with kids. The book takes you through their extraordinary journey of becoming parents to five wonderful kids through surrogacy. How they go through an unbelievable amount of struggle but stay strong and determined in the face of adversity is commendable and inspiring. Whatever problems you are facing today, not just related to surrogacy, the perseverance that the couple shows will make you want to never give up, come what may!

Read this amazing book that will take you on a surrogacy journey to three countries – India, Nepal and Thailand. With every trip, there’s a lot of doubt whether or not the couple would be able to bring their surrogate newborns home. Andi stays in foreign countries for several months, away from his beloved and very supportive partner John, manages newborns, and struggles to find the right nannies and places to stay. Meanwhile, John struggles in his own country to be able to meet and bring home his newborns. Seeing them being the victims of bureaucracy amid changing laws related to surrogacy makes you feel the helplessness the couple goes through. At times you wonder if they would give up, but wow they are so patient and determined!

Such is the excellent writing of the author, that you wish if only you could have known them then and done something to help. The couple stays apart for a long time as one of them doesn’t get the right Visa with the system being, as we all know, far from perfect. And as if the changing laws, cheats and a blackmailing surrogate mother are not enough, there’s an earthquake and a possible jail time. There are tears and fears, smiles and hopes, and both the good and the bad sides of humanity playing their parts.

The pace of the book is awesome and the uncertainty involved keeps you hooked from the beginning to the last page hoping that maybe things will work out on the next page. And the kids are so cute, you can picture them as the author describes them with so much love. Read the book Eighteen Moons by Andi Webb to find out how they navigate through all the struggles. I absolutely recommend this book.

The book is available on Amazon UK here. For all other locations, just search Andi Webb on your Amazon browser.