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12 Things about Humanity to Teach Kids: Summer Vacation Checklist 1 – Humanity

My 4-year-old daughter’s summer vacation begins today! While I am researching and making a list of all the things, trips and activities we want to do during these hot 7 weeks, I have come up with the following list to help her be a better human being.

Feel free to use this list as your reference if you like to teach the same (or a version of this) to your kids. Of course, many more things will follow.

1. Understanding the basics of what kids/friends with autism, ADHD, asthma and other mental/physical challenges go through and how to be understanding and compassionate while around with them without letting them feel any different.

2. Be kind to animals, birds and nature. Plant some seeds, place water for thirsty birds.

3. Be nice, kind and respectful to all people and kids.

4. Share and help willingly with a smile.

5. Be compassionate with those who are sick.

6. All people are different. Respect everyone’s opinions, preferences, beliefs in their Gods/Atheism. Don’t say someone is wrong if their beliefs are different from us.

7. Never hurt anyone. Apologize when you are wrong. Forgive those who hurt you.

8. Sometimes there are some bad people, be careful and look out for your friends too.

9. Believe in yourself. Stand up for yourself and your friends, you are strong.

10. Don’t use bad words or do name calling. Calling someone mad/pagal is a very bad thing to say. It is a serious mental illness.

11. Don’t make fun of anyone. Be funny to make people happy but don’t laugh at anyone.

12. You can tell everything, every single thing to your parents. Especially, when someone says not to tell the parents something (mostly for younger kids).

Well, we all have different opinions and ways of thinking. But the above is just our way of raising her. This is just a checklist so that I ensure that with examples or stories I make her realize and understand the above.

So while summer vacation will be loaded with lots of fun and activities, I also intend to help her be a good and kind human being. Baby steps towards a better future of humankind.