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Many Moons Before – A Prequel to Parenting – Review

I have read the previous two books by Andi Webb. It’s no wonder then that I was keen to read the prequel to the books. Many Moons Before is about the life of the author much before he became an amazing dad to five wonderful children.

It’s about the time when gay pride festivals were a new idea, when the internet was still in its baby phase and credit cards had a much different system. It was certainly not easy to be a gay person in the early nineties while following the not-so-common careers, coming up and executing innovative ideas and all the challenges that you can imagine. But the struggle got much tougher with abuse by someone he trusted and lived with. How he tried to get out of the relationship unsuccessfully a few times and eventually managed to be free from it is a story that might give inspiration to those in an abusive relationship. The story makes you believe that when time comes and when you have had enough and have tried enough, you can try to start afresh. The book talks about the support system of friends, which I am certain was so much stronger in the pre-smart-phones era.

Many Moons Before has moments of happiness and fun times with friends, the sorrow that comes when you lose a friend to AIDS, the spine-chilling incidents of abuse, the excitement of starting something new and making it popular, the disbelief when someone copies your idea or takes credit for it, and finding your true love.

I would truly recommend this book to one and all, as at some or the other point in the book, you will definitely relate. By the way, I admire the patience of the author who did not react how most of us would in certain challenging situations.

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