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The No-No stage of almost-three-year-old toddlers

NO. NO. NO. NO. Is this the current favourite word of your toddler? Especially, when it comes to meals! My toddler is 2 years and 9 months old (at the time of this post) and she uses this two-letter power word the most from her decent vocabulary.

Ah, how happy I was when I got that booster seat to encourage baby led weaning when she started sitting and eating well. She started eating by herself for a while and if you have a one-and-half-year-old kid, you know the joy. Ah, the dreams that finally she and I will enjoy the mealtime joy of eating together instead of one big person spoon feeding a little one first! Welcome to reality… It’s not happening anymore yet.

So if all those beautiful Instagram posts by moms whose kids are eating by themselves are making you feel the pressure, relax. People tend to post more about achievements than otherwise. If your kid is being a picky or fussy eater, what is the probability that you will post that all over social media? See what I mean? Some kids, especially in the 2-3 years age group, are exploring the power of the word NO and using it effectively… Lol. So yes, all little toddlers who start self-feeding, might take a little/big break at this stage. Don’t stress it out too much. If you notice, they will mostly eat fries, chips, chocolates and cakes using their hands without any effort from us. So they are capable of eating without help. They are just not keen on having the daily routine healthy food 😜

I am not going to bore you with how you should keep trying different types of foods, different plating and presentation, creativity, new place to eat, gaps between meals, etc. If you have read until this point of this post, it means you might have already tried it all, right? So all I want to say is relax. It’s stressful, I know, I have anxiety issues and I have been really bothered by the recent fussiness. But I realised today that this will not be the case forever. She will eventually eat without me hovering around her head, reminding her constantly to eat / chew or feeding her those unending morsels. It is, in all probability, a phase… a boring, irritating but this-too-shall-pass kind of phase.

So, well, join me in relaxing a bit. It’s okay of we are still feeding our toddlers with our hands while other kids of same age are all eating independently. Let’s not compare for our own peace of mind. Few years from now, we will simply remember how our toddlers took a little while to reach this milestone. There’s no point losing sleep over this by worrying too much. This is the stage when kids explore power struggle (and maybe we too!). So keep trying at intervals and this too shall pass. Enjoy feeding your kids when necessary for now, as we all know that they grow up so fast! Savour the moment instead of giving into peer pressure and stress.

And if you managed to pass this stage, let us know after how long and how exactly did it happen! Let’s be honest, we all need some useful, tried and tested tips!

Happy parenting!

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Toddler Activity: Drawing and Colouring Shape Friends

Our toddler activity of the day was SHAPE FRIENDS. It is fun and useful for identifying and colouring shapes.

This was an impromptu activity as I sat to teach her the concept of “after” in numbers but she got bored after a while. So the shapes here are mostly doodles.

This was a revision of the shapes she knows, but this time she actually filled in / scribbled colours inside the shapes thus paying more attention to the number of edges, corners and angles of each shape.

Shape Friends – Toddler Activity for Homeschool / Preschool

I then went ahead with shading and then making some shape friends that she loved.

How to go about it:

1. Draw shapes with different crayons while explaining it all to the toddler. If your kid is big enough to draw shapes, then let the kid draw in colours and sizes of his/her choice.

2. Let them pick the same colour of the shape and fill the colours.

3. Then take the colours and show them how they can fill in the gaps.

4. Draw some caps and faces, and make #shape friends. Have lots of fun making stories with shape friends!

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Let us know how you liked this activity. What are the creative ways you use to teach drawing shapes to your kids?

Colour Sorting and Counting Activity for Toddlers

Our toddler activity of the week is the perfect idea for fun learning while focusing on: Fine motor skills + colour sorting + counting (maths) + balancing!

Toddlers get bored of playing with the same toys and doing the same activities. So the other day, I tried this idea and 26-month old Mishika enjoyed the activity a lot. It was a boon that the pipes of our construction toy almost perfectly fit on the Lego base plate! So I gave her a demo with two colours and she continued with the columns with much excitement.

The process involved colour sorting, counting, balancing the lego plate and arranging the pipes at the interval of two green points / pegs / dots each. The pipes are a bit loose on the base plate so they did fell at times and she managed to place them again. The best part was that she carefully lifted and balanced the entire creation ❤️

Give it a try and see if any of your other toys or blocks fit the lego base plate and this could create a lot of interesting game ideas! Pls let me know how did you like this innovation by us.

Late teething: Should you be worried?

My daughter is 18 months old at the time of posting this article. Until two weeks ago, she had only four teeth and though one more tooth bud was visible for many weeks, no tooth appeared. She started teething pretty late. And every tooth took over a month or two to appear. It felt like a really slow motion thing. Needless to say, I was very worried as a mom.

Photo by Hu1ed3ng Xuu00e2n Viu00ean on Pexels.com

I ended up reading up articles after articles, researching every nook and corner of the internet. Though everything I read said that we should not be worried and that some babies start teething late, being an over-read mom, I was not completely satisfied.

There were more reasons to my worries though (yeah, I am justifying this :))

Firstly, my baby wasn’t able to eat a lot of things because she didn’t have more than four teeth, or so I thought was the reason. This worry was put to rest later by her pediatrician who said the gums of babies at this age are enough to help them chew all that they should be eating. Secondly, I have a chronic illness and few other medical conditions. I really needed to wean my baby off breast milk since a few months so that I could start taking my meds and care much better for her. But until she started eating well, I didn’t want to stop feeding her (at the time of this post, I am still feeding her). Also, she completely refused everything from cow/buffalo milk to formula. Hence, I was worried about her calcium intake. All these factors combined, her delayed teething was a concern for me until a week ago. That’s when she has started eating a little better. And even taking sips of cow’s milk (a little colder with a dash of some flavour like cashew powder, jaggery or very little powdered sugar). Her fifth teeth is a bit visible now.

The point being, I really wasted days worrying unnecessarily. So, if you are in my shoes, seriously do not worry unless absolutely no teeth appear at this stage of your child’s growth. That’s when you have a word with the pediatrician, and trust me things will get better. Every single thing I read mentioned this, but I still kept worrying. Every baby is different, so give it time and enjoy the beautiful stages of your child’s development. A friend’s daughter had no teeth until her first birthday and after a few months several teeth started appearing one after the other. Some kids I know had eight teeth by their one and a half birthday, some only two. So, when everyone says don’t compare kids, it is sane advice.

Late teething
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

Teeth will appear, sooner or later. Kids will start eating well, sooner or later. Some kids eat more, some less. My baby hardly eats anything for a day or two barring a few fruit or roti bites during the day, and halwa, her favourite, along with a lot of breastmilk. And then, on some days, she eats really well all through the day.

So, it’s okay. Don’t worry too much about teething. If you are still concerned and crazy-worried-when-not-necessary mom like me, please have a word with the baby’s doctor and trust me, you’ll feel much better. Before you know, the day will come when you’ll be telling your kid about tooth fairies 🙂

Happy parenting.

Toothy smile 🙂