World Festivals Doodle Art & Craft Contest

Love festivals, art and craft? Here’s your chance to share your doodle and craft ideas with the world!Inviting entries for WORLD FESTIVALS CRAFT & DOODLE CONTEST The contest is open to all Kids and Parents (why not, moms and dads, right?). You can pick any festival you love from any part of the world and... Continue Reading →

Book Review of Thirteen Moons More: Diary of a Gay Dad by Andi Webb

Being a mom of a toddler, I really enjoyed this book by Andi Webb. This is the second book by the author and is about his fatherhood journey as his babies became toddlers and preschoolers! The previous book was about the difficulties the gay couple faced in bringing the surrogate kids home. Thirteen Moons More... Continue Reading →

Raising a child with special needs: The story of Indian mom Aparna Nayak – Part 1

Meet Aparna Nayak, a woman who dons multiple hats while juggling between different roles of a mother, a daughter and a wife. She is a mom to a teenage daughter with special needs whose caring takes up most of her time. To unwind, she manages to listen to music, paint, and read and review books. She... Continue Reading →

Don’t brush off your kids: Understand what they are trying to communicate

This is a guest post by Aryssa, a family coach who works with parents and kids. It may not feel like a big deal to you but it’s a big deal for me! Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Child: I fell over in school today and hurt myself.Parent: Oh really, these things happen, it’s... Continue Reading →

The No-No stage of almost-three-year-old toddlers

NO. NO. NO. NO. Is this the current favourite word of your toddler? Especially, when it comes to meals! My toddler is 2 years and 9 months old (at the time of this post) and she uses this two-letter power word the most from her decent vocabulary. Ah, how happy I was when I got... Continue Reading →

Online Education or Homeschooling for a two-and-a-half year old – How to decide?

With schools closed in India for over a year now and schooling restricted to online education, it is getting tougher for parents to plan the academic year for kids, especially for toddlers and little kids. Oh how I started researching schools and boards even before I tested positive for pregnancy in March 2017! Exactly one... Continue Reading →

10 reasons why I spend time on Instagram

The judgement by those who are not on social media, or active out here, can be frustrating. Often, the people who comment, "Oh you are always on Instagram / Facebook," are the ones with active social life, lots of loved ones in their life, lots of people to talk to and vice versa, absolutely busy... Continue Reading →

Fun and Learn Activities for Kids: Land & Water, Twister

This Saturday, I planned a FUN AND LEARN ACTIVITY with my 2 1/2 year old! We really enjoyed it and it was so easy to set up. Two Activities/Games, Same Preparation:1. LAND AND WATER2. TWISTER FOR LAND AND WATER ACTIVITY: 1. Use the alphabet foam sheets to make land and water patches. (You can use any other... Continue Reading →

Toddler Activity: Drawing and Colouring Shape Friends

Our toddler activity of the day was SHAPE FRIENDS. It is fun and useful for identifying and colouring shapes. This was an impromptu activity as I sat to teach her the concept of "after" in numbers but she got bored after a while. So the shapes here are mostly doodles. This was a revision of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Eighteen Moons | An inspiring book about surrogacy struggles

The book Eighteen Moons takes you through an extraordinary journey of a gay couple who becomes parents to five wonderful kids through surrogacy.

Beetroot Cutlets / Burger Patties Recipe for Kids

I made these yummy beetroot cutlets / burger patties just now! I didn't expect that I'll be able to do it but I managed to completely eliminate the raw flavour of beetroot. Yay! Experimented with a unique combination of spices and achieved the best flavour ever. Beetroot cutlets Here's the Beetroot Cutlet / Patty Recipe... Continue Reading →

Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Muffins Recipe

Looking for the best apple cinnamon muffins / cupcakes recipe using wholewheat flour? You have come to the right place! I have experimented with many recipes but this one turned out to be the best as the aroma of the freshly baked cupcakes filled the entire house and they were really very delicious. The texture... Continue Reading →

15 Tips on how to relax as a tired mom

Are you a tired and overworked mom? Welcome to the club! The desperation to feel relaxed, even temporarily, makes us spend whatever little time we get to research advice everywhere possible. You can Google all the possible solutions shared by many mothers and parenting experts online. Some of those ideas really work. But, let's be... Continue Reading →

Colour Sorting and Counting Activity for Toddlers

Our toddler activity of the week is the perfect idea for fun learning while focusing on: Fine motor skills + colour sorting + counting (maths) + balancing! Toddlers get bored of playing with the same toys and doing the same activities. So the other day, I tried this idea and 26-month old Mishika enjoyed the... Continue Reading →

Whole Wheat Churi / Leftover Roti Recipe

Have you tried making sweet churi from leftover rotis / chapatis? It is a sweet, a little healthy and yummy Indian dish enjoyed by kids and all! Here's the recipe: 1. 4 leftover / freshly made rotis / chapatis / phulkas (keep refrigerated at night if leftover after dinner).2. Break them in small pieces and then... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling a 2-year-old toddler: Counting activities

Last week, Mishika turned two years old (this post was written in the last week of November 2020)! We had taken a break from homeschooling two weeks ago as it was Diwali festival time here in India and within a week was Mishika’s birthday. I tried to sync her vacation with the schools around. So,... Continue Reading →

Late teething: Should you be worried?

My daughter is 18 months old at the time of posting this article. Until two weeks ago, she had only four teeth and though one more tooth bud was visible for many weeks, no tooth appeared. She started teething pretty late. And every tooth took over a month or two to appear. It felt like... Continue Reading →

How to make a Bumblebee using Toilet Roll: DIY Craft Activity for Kids / Preschool

We made a bumblebee using toilet paper roll and tried an innovation for wings that really worked with the wings making a flapping sound under the fan. How to make a Bumblebee using Toilet Roll We used a sticker plastic sheet that I had saved earlier after all the stickers in the sheet were used... Continue Reading →

My baby, my sunshine

It’s been a year and a half since I was blessed with a baby girl. She’s the sunshine in my life.Yes, it’s not easy being a first-time mom at the age of forty while dealing with a debilitating chronic illness, but not a day has passed that she hasn’t made me smile and laugh with... Continue Reading →

Starting a mom blog

Listen to the Podcast Photo by Andrew Neel on I have been blogging since 2004. That’s around the time blogging became a trend with writers, copywriters and all those who felt they should write but never knew where to start. My career in advertising and online communication further made me all the more interested... Continue Reading →

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