How to make a Paper Dinosaur | Easy Origami Dino Tutorial

Easy Origami Dinosaur Making Video

Welcome to the beautiful world of origami, where you will be learning how to create a paper dinosaur! You may use the adorable origami dinosaur you create in this video on our YouTube channel as a fun paper toy or to display on your desk. This is a fun activity for children of all ages!

A square paper is the only material that you need to create this beautiful apper dinosaur. 

Watch the origami dinosaur tutorial video above as we walk you through the folding procedure step-by-step and enjoy creating this amazing dinosaur.

So take out your paper, and let’s begin! To participate, you can play, pause, and alter the speed of this movie. We are eager to see what you produce. Don’t forget to post a picture of your completed origami dinosaur in the comments section and feel free to ask us any questions.


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