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Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Active Kids with Short Hair

My daughter is four years old now. Over these years, I have tried a few simple and cute hairstyles for her. My baby wasn’t born with a full head of hair. She had scanty hair at birth and I couldn’t wait for her to have enough hair so that I could tie cute ponytails, pigtails and what not… girl mom dream, right?

Well, as she grew, so did her hair. So, if your baby is born with little or no hair, don’t worry; it will come gradually! Anyway, when she finally had enough hair for me to tie those cute bands and bows, well she wouldn’t sit still 😉 Do you face the same thing? The child would not move a quarter of a millimeter while watching the TV but ask her to sit still for a few minutes while trying that perfect hair partition or tying that hair band – you gotta win an award for getting that right!

But before you know, she is 4 or 5 years old and demands a different / smart / particular hairstyle! And then you feel a joy like never before… that happened to me yesterday. So I thought of putting together some of the hairstyles I have tried on her in a video on our YouTube Channel Mom and Ideas (Video/Link below). Remember, whatever hairstyle you try on your kid, you need ascertain that it is not too tight for her and she should definitely feel comfortable.

Head to our YouTube channel Mom and Ideas, where I have put together my favourite hairstyles that I tried on my daughter from 1-4 years. These are perfect for busy parents and active kids who would generally not sit still for longer while combing hair. From simple ponytails to fun braids, we’ve got you covered. If your child has short or scanty hair, there’s a hairstyle in here that’s sure to look super cute. With our simple ideas, you’ll be able to create these cute hairstyles in just a few minutes, and your little ones will look all the more adorable and won’t have hair coming on their face while playing or eating. So, grab your combs, brushes, and hair accessories, and let’s get started on these fun and easy hairstyles for kids! Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to  @momandideas  for more awesome videos like this one. These simple hairstyles for kids will make them feel comfortable during all the fun times, activities, school, playtime and sleep.


Many Moons Before – A Prequel to Parenting – Review

I have read the previous two books by Andi Webb. It’s no wonder then that I was keen to read the prequel to the books. Many Moons Before is about the life of the author much before he became an amazing dad to five wonderful children.

It’s about the time when gay pride festivals were a new idea, when the internet was still in its baby phase and credit cards had a much different system. It was certainly not easy to be a gay person in the early nineties while following the not-so-common careers, coming up and executing innovative ideas and all the challenges that you can imagine. But the struggle got much tougher with abuse by someone he trusted and lived with. How he tried to get out of the relationship unsuccessfully a few times and eventually managed to be free from it is a story that might give inspiration to those in an abusive relationship. The story makes you believe that when time comes and when you have had enough and have tried enough, you can try to start afresh. The book talks about the support system of friends, which I am certain was so much stronger in the pre-smart-phones era.

Many Moons Before has moments of happiness and fun times with friends, the sorrow that comes when you lose a friend to AIDS, the spine-chilling incidents of abuse, the excitement of starting something new and making it popular, the disbelief when someone copies your idea or takes credit for it, and finding your true love.

I would truly recommend this book to one and all, as at some or the other point in the book, you will definitely relate. By the way, I admire the patience of the author who did not react how most of us would in certain challenging situations.

Go grab a copy today, it is available on the Amazon website of your country!
This is the Amazon UK link.


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FREE Printable Worksheets – Match the Shapes Activity

Help your child understand and enjoy basic shapes with these Match the Shapes Activity FREE Printable Worksheets.

These are four sheets in all with 10 shapes in all. Two of these sheets have different coloured shapes and two are with all shapes in the same colour.

So you can proceed as per the difficulty level you think your child will be comfortable with. These FREE Printables are ideal for kids of 2-4 years of age.

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Happy Parenting!

My Chance Acquaintances: Real Queens who Fix Each Other’s Crowns

Sometimes, you have Chance Acquaintances with some women. You meet them once or maybe twice in your life. You are in a common online group and barely in touch. All you know are their names, profession and important recent milestones of their life. You have those ocassional birthday wishes exchanges on the group created long ago. And that’s all the interaction you have with them.

Then, when life seems to hit the rock bottom of rock bottom, you hesitantly turn to the women you frequently interact with. You are brushed off with a casual, “It happens with all” or “What else is happening in life,” or “Yes, my life is going through a lot too these days,” or blatant ignoring. Possibly, their life is going through the same level of BS but you would hear them out if they wish to share. You even ask them to talk to you so that you can help them and maybe you can together come out stronger and happier. But then you worry that you should not burden them with your problems if they are struggling too. And you drown deeper feeling lonely, helpless and miserable.

So, when the rock bottom of the rock bottom of the rock bottom hits you and you know you need help now, before it is point of no-return, you turn to the trusted Chance Acquaintances. There is not much expectation involved but somewhere in your heart, you know that you’ll feel better. You open up and ask for help. And before you know, you are loaded with actionable solutions, contact numbers of professionals who can help, private messages of genuine, “You can talk to me if you like,” “I am not in the same boat but you can always talk to me,” “How can I help you?”, “Please call this number, she’ll be of great help,” “Lots of hugs and love to you!”

You have no words to thank them. Those women who barely know you, make you feel better already, make you feel heard. You know you will rise again.

Real queens fix each other’s crowns. Yes.

It’s seems so magical that on one sunny day, you decided to join a bloggers’ meet and came across some people who, even though you probably never meet again, a decade later would end up lifting you up from the bottom you never imagined you’ll reach.

Thank you lovely ladies – you know who you are. You make a difference in the world, and in my world.

Friends and acquaintances, if you need help, feel free to ask me or anyone you trust. That’s the one big help you can offer yourself and it will go a long way.

Online Education or Homeschooling for a two-and-a-half year old – How to decide?

With schools closed in India for over a year now and schooling restricted to online education, it is getting tougher for parents to plan the academic year for kids, especially for toddlers and little kids.

Oh how I started researching schools and boards even before I tested positive for pregnancy in March 2017! Exactly one year later, Covid arrived in India and countrywide lockdown began. Mishika was just one year and four months old then. Who knew that this pandemic will have such a long unwelcome stay? The dream of dropping her off to a colourful playgroup with kids her age and then a preschool just remained a hope. So I started homeschooling her early on… what else to do at home all day with strict, yet necessary, lockdown that resulted in closing everything from parks, zoos, malls, places to visit… even walking down in our housing society in the initial months! Let me be honest, I didn’t even know the term “homeschooling” until last year!

Photo by Yan Krukov on

Should I send my toddler to a school in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai in the next six months (i.e. in the second half of 2021)?
Now Mishika is four months shy of her third birthday, and there is no sign of schools reopening. Even if they reopen in a few months, with the Covid case count here and absolute negligence of safety precautions by some people around, it will not be possible for little kids to stay safe from coronavirus in the preschools here. That’s my opinion based on my personal experience of visiting a popular preschool he1re (before the pandemic) that gave me a great insight on the hygiene levels observed. I also had a discussion with a few friends who have kids of the same age group as Mishika. Based on the current situation, even if schools reopen by end of 2021, I do not plan to send my then 3-year-old daughter to a school. I will assess the situation again in December and revisit this post.

What about online school for two-and-a-half-year olds?
Ah, this is a tougher decision and many factors need to be taken into consideration.

My baby, my sunshine

It’s been a year and a half since I was blessed with a baby girl. She’s the sunshine in my life.Yes, it’s not easy being a first-time mom at the age of forty while dealing with a debilitating chronic illness, but not a day has passed that she hasn’t made me smile and laugh with her cute acts. That gives me the energy to pull through the early motherhood months.This is my midnight me-time blog. I intend to update frequently (let’s see how it goes) but in this lockdown scenario and a whole lot of indoor time with a very active toddler, I am not pushing myself with deadlines. Mommies need to take easy whenever possible, right!

Monkey Puzzle / Where’s My Mom – Children’s Story Book Review


Book: Monkey Puzzle (known as Where’s My Mom in the US)
By: Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

2-year-old Mishika’s rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

This is one of her favourite books. I would totally recommend it. The book is about a little monkey who can’t find its mom and a cute butterfly helps out. The story has a very creative take on how the butterfly think that perhaps the elephant, snake or some other jungle animal might be the monkey’s mom. But no spoilers here.

The colours and illustrations are wonderful, and I am trying to recreate a few with Mishika in her drawing sessions of homeschooling.

Now Mishika kind of ‘reads’ the storybook herself turning pages and asking if the monkey found its mom. The joy on her face is always the same when she reached the last page. She often comes and hugs me as she finds her own mummy ❤😘

Go for this Monkey Puzzle / Where’s My Mom board book, not easy to tear by babies and little toddlers!

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About Mom and Ideas

Mom & Ideas is the brainchild of a mom who had her first baby at the age of forty. Planning a baby, a dream since long, was a big decision for a woman suffering from fibromyalgia. It meant going off all the medicines and treatments for over a year before planning, being able to manage the daily life while learning to live with chronic illness without any meds until breastfeeding the baby, and most importantly, being mentally prepared to give her hundred percent in raising the child well. So this meant, doing not just the homework but acing at it!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but when the child’s mother battles a chronic illness with very limited energy levels, it means a whole lot of preparation and work before and after having the baby.

Hence, even before planning a baby, this mom did extensive reading and research – articles on childbirth, raising a baby, parenting, cooking for babies and kids, their health, education, DIY art and craft for kids, activities with kids… every single aspect related to being a mother. She spoke to almost every mom she knew to gain from their experience and advice. She understood raising children in various ages of their growth and development by talking to friends who had kids from age one to eighteen. As her baby turns eighteen months during the creation of this website, the mom continues to read, research and learn from her own experience too.

This website, is an attempt to share that knowledge and experience to benefit all the women planning to be a mom and existing parents. It is also aimed to be a trusted resource for everything related to parenting while this mom shares her journey of motherhood.

Hope you benefit from the Mom & Ideas initiative. Here’s to happy parenting!