My Chance Acquaintances: Real Queens who Fix Each Other’s Crowns

Sometimes, you have Chance Acquaintances with some women. You meet them once or maybe twice in your life. You are in a common online group and barely in touch. All you know are their names, profession and important recent milestones of their life. You have those ocassional birthday wishes exchanges on the group created long ago. And that’s all the interaction you have with them.

Then, when life seems to hit the rock bottom of rock bottom, you hesitantly turn to the women you frequently interact with. You are brushed off with a casual, “It happens with all” or “What else is happening in life,” or “Yes, my life is going through a lot too these days,” or blatant ignoring. Possibly, their life is going through the same level of BS but you would hear them out if they wish to share. You even ask them to talk to you so that you can help them and maybe you can together come out stronger and happier. But then you worry that you should not burden them with your problems if they are struggling too. And you drown deeper feeling lonely, helpless and miserable.

So, when the rock bottom of the rock bottom of the rock bottom hits you and you know you need help now, before it is point of no-return, you turn to the trusted Chance Acquaintances. There is not much expectation involved but somewhere in your heart, you know that you’ll feel better. You open up and ask for help. And before you know, you are loaded with actionable solutions, contact numbers of professionals who can help, private messages of genuine, “You can talk to me if you like,” “I am not in the same boat but you can always talk to me,” “How can I help you?”, “Please call this number, she’ll be of great help,” “Lots of hugs and love to you!”

You have no words to thank them. Those women who barely know you, make you feel better already, make you feel heard. You know you will rise again.

Real queens fix each other’s crowns. Yes.

It’s seems so magical that on one sunny day, you decided to join a bloggers’ meet and came across some people who, even though you probably never meet again, a decade later would end up lifting you up from the bottom you never imagined you’ll reach.

Thank you lovely ladies – you know who you are. You make a difference in the world, and in my world.

Friends and acquaintances, if you need help, feel free to ask me or anyone you trust. That’s the one big help you can offer yourself and it will go a long way.


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